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                                                               2 September, 2009


Dear ZetaLube Distributors,

We would like to thank Advance Maintenance Products (AMP), our Indian ZetaLube distributors, Mr. Ajit Sethi, AMP’s area manager, and Mr. P.K. Singh, Magna Industrial’s Marketing Consultant for making this first ZetaLube success story possible.

We would also like to thank JK Paper’s maintenance team for sharing this success story.


The End-user – JK Paper Ltd.


JK Paper Ltd. is part of one of India’s leading Business Houses – JK Organisation, which has a significant presence in Automotive Tires, Cement, V-Belts, Oil-Seals, Agri-seeds and Pulp & Paper. JK Paper Ltd. is a leading player in the “printing and writing paper” segment in India. It operates two plants in India, one in the East – JK Paper Mills (JKPM) in Rayagada, Orissa with a capacity of 125,000 tones per year and the other in the West – Central Pulp Mills (CPM), located in Songadh, Gujarat with a production capacity of 55,000 tones per year. Both plants are ISO 9001 – 2000 and ISO 14001 certified and operate at around 120% capacity utilization. The company is also implementing Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) with the help of Japan Institute of Plant Maintenance.

(JK제지주식회사는 자동차타이어, 시멘트, V 벨트, 오일실, 종묘 및 펄프 제지에서 뛰어난 실적을 발휘하는 JK 그룹의 주 사업부 입니다. JK제지주식회사는 인쇄 및 용지시장의 선도 기업입니다. 인도에 두 개의 공장을 운영하고 있으며 하나는 동부 오리사주의 Rayagada의 JK제지공장으로서 연간 생산능력은 125,000톤 입니다. 또 하나는 서부 구자렛주의 Songadh에 위치해있는 중앙펄프공장으로서 연간 생산능력은 55,000톤 입니다. 이들 공장은 2000년에 ISO9001 및 ISO14001를 인증 받았으며 생산능력 이상으로 가동되고 있습니다. 회사는 일본 정비기관의 도움으로 TPM을 시행하고 있습니다.)


ZetaLube 201 - The Solution to JK Paper’s Lubrication Headache

(제타루브 201-JK제지회사의 윤활고민 해결)

Typically, a modern paper machine consists of four main sections (see below the diagram for illustration) –

(일반적으로 현대의 제지 기계는 4개의 주요 부분으로 구성되어 있습니다. )

1) wire section (often called the “wet” section) – bearings are exposed to large amounts of water in this section,

(초지부(웹부): 베어링들이 과도하게 수분에 노출되어 있슴.)

2) press section, (프레스부)

3) dryer section – bearings are exposed to heat (up to 125°C) and moisture in this section, and (드라이어부-베어링이 열(125℃)및 습기에 노출되어 있슴.)


Mr. Ajit Sethi









One of JK Paper's VOITH Paper Machine

4) calendar section (or reeler). (카렌다부:권취기)


Diagram of a Typical Paper Machine

Typical Schematic Diagram of the Wire Section & Dryer Section

(on the right)



In this case, prior to applying ZetaLube 201 (ZL 201), JK Paper's mill in Orissa (JKPM) used a "normal" EP2 grease to lubricate the felt roll bearings (wire and dryer sections) of one of its VOITH paper machines. JKPM had to re-lube every week and the bearing lives lasted only up to 6 months due to the continuous punishment of water ingression and temperature shoot-up. After several rounds of presentation and trial tests, Mr. Ajit Sethi from AMP finally convinced JKPM to replace the 'normal" EP grease with ZetaLube 201 Heavy Duty EP Grease because of ZL 201's outstanding performance (especially its excellent resistance to high temperatures and water washout).

(이 사례에서 제타루브 201을 사용하기 전에 오리사주의 JK제지공장에서는 VOITH 제지기계의 펠트롤 베어링을 윤활하기 위해서 일반 EP 그리이스를 사용했었다. JKPM은 매주 재급유를 해야 했으며 계속되는 과도한 물혼입과 급작스런 온도상승으로 인해 베어링의 수명은 최대 6개월이었다. 여러번의 제품소개와 성능실험을 하고 난 후 APM의 Mr.Ajit Sethi가 JKPM에게 극압그리이스를 성능이 뛰어난 제타루브 201로 교체하도록 확신시켰다. (내고온성 및 수세내수도 탁월)


The Win-Win Result (윈-윈 결과 도출)

To JKPM, after applying ZL 201, lubrication interval extended from 7 days to 6 months and failure of the felt roll bearings reduced by as much as 50%. ZL 201 is productive in the sense that it prolongs the service lives of the felt roll bearings and reduces downtime and maintenance costs. To AMP, the paper mill is expected to order 150kgs of ZL 201 annually. In the near future, JK Paper will certainly order other ZetaLube products from AMP.

(JKPM에게는 제타루브 201을 사용한 후 윤활교환주기가 7일에서 6개월로 늘어났으며 펠트롤 베어링의 파손이 50%나 감소되었다. 제타루브 201은 펠트롤베어링의 수명을 연장하고 비가동시간과 정비비용을 감소시킨다는 점에서 매우 생산적이다. AMP에게는 제지공장에서 연간 150kg 주문이 기대되었다. 가까운 장래에 JK제지공장은 확실히 APM으로부터 다른 제타루브 제품을 주문할 것입니다.)

Sections of JKPM's Voith Paper Machine Lubricated by ZetaLube 201


JK Paper's Testimonial



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